Sacko Insulated Lunch Bags Review

Among the competition in school bags, vanity bags and travel bags, lunch bags seem to have been lost in the crowd.

Sacko, the proud producer of many exemplary lunch bags, has revived the esteemed line of insulated food containers with advanced designs and impressive features. Focused on keeping food in the best state possible for an extended period of time, Sacko revolutionized the bag industry by introducing these food containers, which can easily perform the duty of any respectable tiffin carrier.

Using one of these bags is truly amazing, as they’re essential for people who need to carry food every day. To eliminate all problems related to food getting spoiled in a journey and to not having proper nutritional diet in delayed meals; Sacko insulated containers are here to save the day.

Sacko Large Insulated Lunch Bag

Do not let the simple appearance of this bag fool you.

Behind the veil of an ordinary appearance, lies an extraordinary equipment that is sure to make all dedicated users squeal with excitement.

Due to its large size (12.25″h x 10.25″w x 8.75″d), it can fit a huge amount of belongings, even while sparing enough space to fit lunch for at least two people.

The Large bag from Sacko is a good example of bigger being better, and it is made even more useful with a shoulder strap that is adjustable. It is easy to carry around despite the size and is the perfect partner for any rough work.

It is made of 600d polyester and has multiple compartments to store differently sized objects. The side ropes are elastic and can easily hold water bottles and drinks.

Available colors – black, red, and blue.

Sacko Insulated Lunch Bag

This one comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, just like every bag should.

But saying that the good points stop there would be a gross understatement, because this Sacko Lunch Bag is a perfect storage for food. It is perfectly able to keep hot food hot, and cold food cold; all the while, keeping them inside a confined structure that leaves no space for leakage or heat escape.

As the name points out, this bag is fully insulated and has PEVA lining, which equals to no chances of the food getting rotten or spoiled while inside the bag. It has several compartments and a mesh net to store stuff that the user would quickly need to access.

Available colors – black, green, red, and blue.

Sacko Big Size Insulated Lunch Bag / Cooler

A bit different from common thermal containers, the Bigger Size Insulated Bag from Sacko looks more like a mobile drink cooler.

It is perfect for keeping food at a cold temperature, especially ice-cream, beverages and desserts. It is built to keep ice in its most solid form, as well as having a lot of space to keep additional tools and belongings.

This bag is totally insulated, is filled with top quality linings and has a Velcro closure system. Added at the external part of the big compartment are a few mesh nets that can simplify the access to drinks.

The extra Velcro compartment provides a shortcut to a new storage area. It is available in multiple colors (blue, black, green, and red), which allows the users to be picky. All in all, it shows just how good these  insulated  bags are.